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Winter Wedding Inspiration

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Are you planning a winter wedding but struggling to pin down that perfect style?  Certainly you want to capture all of the beautiful simplicity of the season (the cool and neutral color palate and those crisp textures) all while conveying an aesthetic that evokes the joy of winter without feeling like a big holiday celebration (hold the cedar and holly).

Well don’t worry, we have you covered.  Today we are sharing our vision of a perfectly dreamy winter wedding celebration where high-end style meets an uber-chic winter wonderland.

1. Bridesmaids in faux furs, we love the incorporation of browns & textures! Source 2. A simple cake with winter greens & berries is an easy call. Source 3. I think this photo says it all, but choosing a blue/silver toned wedding dress can be ideal against all the white. Source 4. Be sure to get detail shots of your invites, loving the different colored envelope. Source 5. Once again we incorporated some brown tones into the floral and a black vase, but it still is overall bright and classy. Source 6. Velvet linens, enough said. Source. 7. Tying in the velvet to another detail, it looks amazing on boutonnieres. Source 8. Taper Candles are … Read More »

Flower Friday | Paperwhites

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It’s flower Friday and Paperwhites are in the spotlight.  Paperwhites are a bulb in the Narcissus family which is why kind of  look a little like mini daffodils.  I can’t wait for Spring!  Although we have been very lucky with the weather in Chicago so far this year, I’m already wishing for Spring.  I can’t wait for some plant life!  One thing that keeps me going is getting to work with beautiful flowers on a daily basis.  So, without further ado…the Paperwhite.

Paperwhites are available in the winter months, November-January .  You can oftentimes find them around the holiday season in plant form as well.  They make for a great hostess gift for holiday parties.  The flowers are miniature and delicate.  I think this flower is a beautiful choice for winter white bridal bouquets.  Paperwhites also look great massed, as shown in the tablescape below. Images courtesy of apartment therapy & Decor Amore.  Bouquet from Hello Blossoms.

Flower Friday | Amaryllis

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Flower Friday: Amaryllis

We are starting a new type of post, Flower Friday, where we will introduce one flower of the season a week!  I tend to take my horticulture background for granted sometimes and think that everyone knows the scientific and common names of flowers just like I do.  My friends can attest to this, I confuse them all the time.  I also hope to introduce some new flowers to you all through these posts.

Since the holidays are here what better flower to start off with than the Amaryllis!  Amaryllis come in a variety of colors; white, peach, coral, red, pink, and even some striped or bicolor.  They have 3-5 blooms on their long stalk and are the perfect addition to a holiday table or winter wedding bouquet.  

Amaryllis are not only a good cut flower for floral design and weddings, but they make a lovely gift as a plant as well!  You can buy them pregrown and ready to flower or you can buy a DIY kit like the one I posted about a few weeks ago in my DIY Amaryllis blog.  An update on that, my poor little Amaryllis is not growing.  I have discovered my apartment … Read More »