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Flower Friday | King Protea

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Happy Friday!  This week’s featured flower is a unique one: The one and only King Protea!  If you are looking for something ‘one of a kind’ and tropical or exotic for your wedding, protea are a perfect choice.  King Protea are native to South Africa where they are, in fact, the National Flower.  With their large size, protea are a great option as a focal flower in a centerpiece.  They are just as gorgeous in mixed bouquets as they are in a single stem bouquet.  Additionally, it is an extremely long-lasting flower and also dries very well.  As a result, you can enjoy these beauties for quite a long time.  Enjoy the images below!


Images via {Ruffled Blog} {California Style} {Style Me Pretty}

Flower Friday: Amaranthus

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Hi Friends!  The blog has been mia lately and I apologize.  We have been super busy this summer with some beautiful weddings & photo shoots.  Lots of things are happening around here with a new website and some more surprises I will blog about later.  But for now, the featured flower of the week….Amaranthus.

I love this flower.  I actually grew this flower before I ever used it in any floral designs.  My Dad almost refused to plant it for me because apparently in the agricultural world it is known as Pigweed and is just that, a weed, unwanted.  I convinced him to let me grow this ‘weed’ in a small little space in the garden and have been in love with it ever since!  It adds great texture to designs.  The thing I love most about it is how it hangs.  Not many flowers are as flowing and relaxed as this one so it compliments a tall arrangement very nicely.  I also think it would look stunning in a floral chandelier.  I might have to try that next :).  Enjoy a few photos of the Amaranthus below from some of our floral designs and have a great weekend!  The weather … Read More »

Peach and White Wedding Centerpiece

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Flower Friday Peonies!

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Flower Friday has been MIA lately, but we are bringing it back this week with a Spring favorite…..PEONIES!  I could go on and on about how much I love these beauties.  Although they have a short window of availability they are one of our all time favorites here.  They are available in quite a few colors, most often you will find them in white and varying shades of pink.  If you are really lucky you will be able to find them in yellow!  We are growing a few yellow peonies for some upcoming projects next year.  Stay tuned for a blog post next week on that topic.  If you are lucky enough to be getting married when they are in season, we suggest you incorporate them in your wedding in the bouquets or centerpieces.  Enough talk, I will let the images speak for themselves!



More peony arrangements and bouquets coming to the blog soon from Saturday’s upcoming wedding!  Check back later for more gorgeousness!



NYC Flower Market

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Last weekend my husband and I took a little anniversary trip to the Empire State.  On Saturday morning we ventured over to the New York City Flower Market, which contains a multitude of wholesale floral markets, silk flowers, vases, and plants all concentrated in a small quaint area of New York!  Enjoy a few pictures from our trip to the markets!



Flower Friday | Hydrangea

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Happy Flower Friday Everyone!  This weeks featured flower is the Hydrangea!  There are an incredible amount of varieties of this beauty.  They come in a range of colors including white, green, light ‘kiwi’ green, light & dark blue, light & bright pink, deep purple, and mixed varieties.  My absolute favorite varieties are the mixed or antique hydrangea varieties.  They are simply gorgeous.  One great thing about hydrangea is it’s size.  If you are looking for some larger floral arrangements for your wedding or ceremony, these are a good option because they cover a lot of space.  Besides looking stunning in floral design, they also make great landscape plants.  They produce stunning blooms to bring in throughout the summer.  You can even try your hand at dying the flowers in the fall.  Limelight is one of my favorite varieties for that as they turn a gorgeous pink color in the Fall!


Check out the pictures below of some of the fabulous varieties of Hydrangea.

{Images via google}

A few Gorgeous Examples of Hydrangea in Centerpieces…

{Images via Holly Chapple& Wedding Chicks}

And just because we love sweets so much, some cute hydrangea cupcakes by Glorious Treats!

Flower Friday | Sweet Pea

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The delicate and fragrant Sweet Pea is this week’s featured flower.  The Sweet Pea is one of our favorite flowers for bouquets over here at Life in Bloom.  You really can’t beat it’s sweet scent.  Because of it’s delicate and fluffy texture, it is the perfect addition to any bridal bouquet.  They are also a great accent flower in centerpieces and they are available in an array of colors ranging from; white, light pink & champagne to hot pink, lilac purple, and a deep darker purple.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working on one of my fellow designer’s wedding.  She carried the most gorgeous bouquet made up of solely Sweet Pea.  I wish I had a picture because it was stunning.  Since I don’t, these images will just have to do..enjoy!  Florals from The Nouveau Romantics via The Nichols, ,Stone Blossom, Pinterest & Passion Flower via Style me Pretty.

Flower Friday | Tulips

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It’s that time of the week again.  This week’s featured flower is the Tulip!  Tulips are available almost all year round.  However, they are the most prevalent and inexpensive in the Spring.  Tulips come in almost every color imaginable and there are so many different varieties.  They are simply gorgeous.  

{images via pinterest}

Have big plans for the weekend?  We are busy with two Bridal consultations and then I am going home to visit my family and cat this weekend!  Can’t wait!!  Have a great weekend everyone! XOXO!

Tulip Fields in the Netherlands

Flower Friday | Ranunculus

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Today’s flower friday features one of our all time favorite flowers.  Drum roll please… The Ranunculus!  Ranunculus are a gorgeous flower known for their hundreds of delicate petals.  They are so soft and delicate it’s like they could almost float away.  One of our favorites to incorporate into bridal bouquets and weddings in general!  They come in a myriad of colors; from deep purple & red to peach, yellow & pinks.  There are even some bi-color varieties out there. Enjoy!Images from: Elizabeth Anne Designs, the bottom of the ironing basket, how do i love thee style,  Kina Wicks Photography, Style me Pretty, & a country farmhouse

Also, if you haven’t seen our Valentines Day Specials, take a look here.

Flower Friday | Anemone

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This week’s featured flower is the Anemone!  We love these beauties.  They come in a variety of colors; Red, Light Pink, Fuchsia, Blue, Purple, and White with striking black centers.  They also have a white variety with a green center.  These flowers look stunning in any type of arrangement.  We especially love them in bouquets.  Anemones are generally available December through May.  If you are planning a Spring Wedding, think about including some of them in your bouquet or centerpieces!  Enjoy some of our favorite images incorporating Anemones and Happy Friday!

Pretty Pretty Anemones with Images from Style me Pretty, Flickr, Pinterest, & Something Borrowed Wedding Guide,